VH Barber & Styling Academy

Federal School Code: 042489

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A school where your
career is priority

We have the experience and the
tools to assist you in your new career path.

Day and night classes
are available

We provide you with flexibility to grow
at your convenience.

Creativty, Passion, Discovery

We are committed to teaching our students the importance of having a skill-set that will change their life.

Barber Stylist


Gainful Employment

Program Length

1500 Hours

Full Time – 50 weeks

Part Time – 75 weeks

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Graduation Rate:          100%                                                

Placement Rate:            80%                

Licensure:                      100%                 


 Graduation Rate:             50%


 Placement Rate:              80%

 Licensure:                       100%     


 Graduation Rate:             55%


 Placement Rate:              100%

 Licensure:                       100%

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Federal School Code: 042489

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On-Site Training

At VH Academy, we offer instruction for barber stylist students. Through onsite courses taught by experienced Louisiana licensed barber instructors, VH Academy offers hands-on experience.  You will gain the knowledge and skills to advance in the dynamic field of Barbering. We stand by our commitment to making education affordable and accessible, so you can look forward to a employment in the hair industry. 


We are committed to graduation and the importance of not becoming a statistic of the growing dropout rate of students across the country. We encourage students to strive for graduation and set short and long term goals for their future. Students are made aware of the importance of the combined effort needed by the students, community, and faculty to prepare students for graduation and the start to a career in the hair care industry.


Academic excellence is at the core of what we hope to achieve at VH Academy. We aspire to provide students with  learning experiences and anticipate our craft will prepare our graduates for a career in the field of barber styling and help them become gainfully employed. Students are challenged academically to think critically with regard to trichology and barbering. 

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